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Stop the Slaughter

End the Abuse

Animal Activists
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*NOTE*: Those who would like to design, and create some graphics for the page and user info, please leave a comment on my journal.

This community is for animal activists. It doesn't matter if you are not vegan or vegetarian. As long as you believe firmly in animal rights, feel free to join. Everyone is welcome.

-Newcomers: Introduce and tell us about yourself

- Harassment will not be tolerated, so please leave that out of here.(ex. "Eating meat is the way of life", and posting photos of dead animals.) Oh no, I'm giving them ideas!

-Please post photos,surveys,quizzes,articles, ect. BEHIND AN LJ-CUT!

-Please don't join, make insulting comments, then leave afterwards, or It only shows how much of a coward you are. Also, please don't post insulting comments anonymously. Again, the cowardness issue.

Moderated by ___shimmerfae and co-mod peaceofpie

Also join petadoptionsfl for pet requests and adoptions in Florida.

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