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Gray Kitty

Over 4 weeks ago Miss Gray Kitty was Diagnosed with Lymphoma.
I started a fundraiser and was able to raise some money which has really helped with the cost of everything. In the end Chemo was just not an option. She is still on steroids. I also have been giving her flax seed oil everyday mixed in with her high protein low carb wet food. Then she also takes a supplement called ES-Clear. I'm happy to report she is doing great. Her energy is better then it has been in a very very long time. she's super happy even plays. Her spleen which is one of the main issues is still very big. The vet only told me that she had 4-6 weeks to life. That was 4 weeks ago. I know that any day she could start to spiral down. I just remain hopeful and positive for her. She is eating special low grain food as well. All of these things can truly help reverse the cancer. I have to believe there is some hope for my baby girl. She's put on a little bit of weight and she eats like crazy. My concern is for when it will be time to take her off the steroids for a bit. That's going to be my next challenge. When I mentioned to the vet that Gray was going to have the best Christmas ever she made a very sad face, looked me in the eyes and said..."Let's hope she makes it until Christmas" So I'm going to make her next follow up appointment after Christmas. The vet doesn't want me to bring her in too often and stress her out. I love my vet though..she is amazing. I would like to see how things go. If I can get enough weight on her and raise 1,500 I can get her spleen removed. Which should buy her lots of time. Right now it's still 5x the size it should be. She just started on the holistic supplements and the flax oil last week so hopefully once they start to really kick in the size will go down. I honestly feel that the holistic approach is so much better. Esp partnered with other medications. So while it's not a full on holistic approach it still is replacing Chemo. I think she has a better quality of life right now. Much better than if she had chemo. Her happiness is the number 1 thing here..not mine. She is my baby and I will do anything I can to help her. She has given me so much in the 3 years I've had her. I remember when I would see my old landlord kick her out into the cold. She never wanted to be out so I'd sneak her into my apartment. When she had allergy problems they couldn't afford to take her to the vet. So I said I would take her..to the vet and into my home. She brought so much joy into my home. When my ex left me she was there by my side every time I cried she'd come up and lay on me. I suffer from depression and anxiety and my pets truly motivate me. I don't know how, or who I'd be if I didn't have pets in my life. I once went a year with out having a single pet in my home and it was torture. Sorry for babbling..I know you all understand how important our furry family members are. I wish all of you and your pets a very merry/happy/jolly/ love filled holiday.
If you can or know anyone that can please make a donation. Every penny counts and goes right to Gray. The donations thus far have helped pay for her medication, new kind of food, supplements and follow ups.
Thank you for all your support
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