.glittermysky (glittermysky) wrote in anti_cruelty,

Save prairie dogs from being poisoned!

Hi --

Did you know that the EPA approved a deadly poison called Rozol to kill prairie dogs in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming? 

Rozol is a blood-thinning poison that causes prairie dogs to slowly bleed to death a cruel and excruciating way to die. It also sets off a chain reaction of secondary poisoning that could devastate imperiled animals that are tied to prairie dogs on the food chain -- including black-footed ferrets, swift foxes, eagles and ferruginous hawks.

Help me protect prairie dogs and other imperiled animals on the American prairie by taking action to ask the EPA to reverse its deadly decision: http://action.defenders.org/EPA

For too long, the EPA has been in the pocket of agriculture and industry approving toxic chemicals that taint our water, poison our wildlife and threaten our health and our communities.

Take action now to ask the EPA to do its job and start protecting American wildlife and people from toxic poisons like Rozol: http://action.defenders.org/EPA

The deadline for comments is this Friday (November 6th), so please take action to protect prairie dogs and the other imperiled Great Plains wildlife that depend on them to survive today: http://action.defenders.org/EPA

Thanks for helping!

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