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Twiggy betrays defenceless animals

Twiggy has betrayed thousands of defenceless creatures by accepting a lucrative advertising contract with the ‘Olay’ cosmetics brand, which is tested on animals [1]. ‘Olay’ is made by the American-based multi-national Procter & Gamble (P&G), who continue to perform poisoning tests on animals for the sake of their cosmetics, toiletries and household products. These extreme experiments, which took place in the USA, would be illegal in Britain.

Twiggy had previously supported campaigns against P&G’s animal testing, such as Uncaged’s Boycott Herbal Essences project and Naturewatch’s Compassionate Shopping Guide.

She even signed this statement:

“I support Uncaged’s campaign to highlight Procter & Gamble’s unnecessary testing of beauty products on animals and to encourage Procter & Gamble to end all animal testing for cosmetics and household products...”

Unfortunately, that ‘support’ turned out to be very shallow indeed. Twiggy’s endorsement of Olay Definity since July 2009 directly contradicts her professed concern for animal welfare.

According to correspondence from Twiggy, Olay have misled her regarding their animal testing practices. In response, Uncaged has sent Twiggy the papers where P&G scientists themselves describe how they conducted cruel and deadly poisoning tests on animals for the sake of the entire Olay Definity range.

However, Twiggy’s bizarre replies reveal she is in denial, apparently blinded by Olay’s money.

Uncaged’s Dr Dan Lyons comments:

“The evidence for Olay’s cruelty to animals is there in black and white, described in detail by their own researchers. We’ve offered to meet her to explain the situation, and we’ve bent over backwards to give her the benefit of the doubt.

“But now we know that Twiggy is only willing to listen to the rich, powerful guys with the big cheque. I don’t think she has even bothered to read the information we sent her - perhaps it would be too awkward for her now she enjoys such a cosy relationship with this tainted brand. She’s sold her principles to the highest-bidder.

“Whether it’s down to gullibility, greed or a bit of both, the consequences of her actions are deplorable. By promoting Olay she is effectively soliciting funds for gratuitous cruelty, and making it less likely that Olay and P&G can be persuaded to stop animal testing. The hypocrisy and betrayal is bad enough, but what really matters are the thousands of animals who are now more vulnerable to Olay’s abuse thanks to Twiggy’s actions.”

Former presenter of GMTV Fiona Phillips has also been promoting Olay while professing to be a 'big animal lover', so we've also informed her about Olay’s animal testing. We await her reply.

* Please contact Twiggy to politely complain about her support for cruel and unnecessary animal testing: info@twiggylawson.co.uk.


1. In one published animal test, which was performed for the sake of Olay and other P&G cosmetics, P&G researchers repeatedly force-fed the Olay ingredient butylparaben to scores of pregnant rats. Some of the animals suffered poisoning after being given massive doses that were hundreds of times higher than could possibly be consumed by humans. Just before they were due to give birth, the pregnant animals suffered a painful and terrifying death in a carbon dioxide gas chamber. Over a thousand baby animals survived, only to be cut from their mothers' dead bodies, killed and dismembered. Recent scientific evidence has indicated that animals are able to feel pain in the last third of the gestation period.

Another scientific paper describes how scientists from P&G (together with L’Oreal and Unilever) killed 128 rats in a test of butylparaben and methylparaben, found in the Olay Definity range. P&G used a particularly painful blood-sampling method in the test, and kept the animals in sparse, miserable housing conditions.

All the animals underwent a highly controversial blood-sampling procedure called 'retro-orbital bleeding' which involves puncturing the eye socket as a capillary tube is pushed behind the animal's eyeball (see picture above right). It often causes painful eye damage and serious complications - in this test two animals suffered lesions and bleeding so severe they had to be killed. UK Government advisors on animal tests acknowledge this method can cause severe harm and therefore recommend against its use.

These chemical tests are the tip of the iceberg as most animal tests are not published in the scientific literature and are instead used only for internal or regulatory purposes.

Uncaged Campaigns 28.09.09

Source: http://www.uncaged.co.uk/news/2009/twiggy2.htm

Another celebrity that confuses me is Ellen Degeneres. She's a PETA supporter (I have to mention although a vegetarian, I am not a PETA fan), but then there is the deal with CoverGirl (testing on animals again).
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