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E-mail from Defenders of Wildlife: Save the Prairie Dogs: Deadline Tomorrow

Black-tailed prairie dogs are currently being considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act, and their decline has had a devastating effect on black-footed ferrets -- one of the rarest animals in the world.

So how could the EPA even think about approving two deadly poisons that would help speed the decline of these imperiled species?

The deadline for comments is tomorrow, so we don't have much time. Help us stop our government from approving new poisons to kill prairie dogs by taking action now.

The EPA just approved a blood-thinning poison called Rozol to kill prairie dogs in ten states across America. Once ingested, this toxic chemical causes prairie dogs to slowly bleed to death -- a cruel and excruciating way to die.

Now the agency is about to approve a nearly identical poison -- the morbidly named Kaput-D -- for the same purpose: to destroy prairie dogs.

While that’s bad enough, it doesn’t end there.

These poisons set off a chain reaction of secondary poisoning that can devastate imperiled animals that are tied to prairie dogs on the food chain -- including black-footed ferrets, swift foxes, badgers, golden and bald eagles, burrowing owls and ferruginous hawks.

Help us spare prairie dogs and other wildlife from a cruel and painful death -- and hold the EPA accountable for its role in speeding the decline of imperiled species. Send your message now!

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials asked the EPA to consult with them before approving Rozol -- and to put Kaput-D on hold completely -- because prairie dog poisoning had been shown to be a “major factor in the decline of [black-footed] ferrets” and because they had serious concerns about the effects these two poisons could have on other prairie wildlife.

But the EPA went ahead and approved the use of Rozol behind closed doors anyway, without properly consulting with federal wildlife experts, and without giving the public a chance to weigh in on this deadly decision. Now they’re moving forward with Kaput-D.

Defenders of Wildlife and our local partners at Audubon of Kansas have taken the EPA to court to stop them from unleashing these deadly poisons on America’s Great Plains. Now we need your help to stop the killing.

Time is running out for our prairie dogs. The deadline for comments is TOMORROW, October 23rd, so please take action now to ask the EPA to ban the use of these poisons to kill imperiled Great Plains wildlife.

Thanks for helping,
Jonathan Proctor
Rocky Mountain Region Representative
Defenders of Wildlife

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